Traveling a Rough and Rugged Road, Part 1

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Some things are easy to hear, bringing comfort and encouragement to smooth life’s rough edges. Other things are difficult to hear, telling of pains to endure and troubles to face. We grin at the one and grimace at the other. But if we’re honest, we know that growth comes through overcoming difficulties—by trudging down the rock-strewn, overgrown, untrodden path that takes us to vistas unseen. As we arrive at 2 Timothy, chapter 2, Paul calls attention to a truth you’ll not hear from most televangelists . . . or from anyone who tells you what you want to hear. Instead, he points us to a rough and rugged road that is neither popular nor fun to take. This road, “the one less traveled,” is a journey we may resist and resent, but it leads to every Christian’s desired destination: maturity.