The Grace to Let Others Be, Part 1

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Grace comes to us in two dimensions: vertical and horizontal. Vertical grace centers on our relationships with God. Freeing sinners from the demands and the condemnation of the Mosaic law, vertical grace gives us hope by not only providing eternal life but also freeing us from any requirement to pay God back. Vertical grace is truly amazing! Horizontal grace centers on our relationships with others. Relieved from our guilt and shame, when we walk in grace, were free from the tyranny of pleasing people. Were free from their demands and expectations, and theyre free from ours. When we demonstrate horizontal grace, we accept others as they are. We have no personal agenda to make anyone be someone he or she is not. Horizontal grace is truly charming! In this lesson, lets turn our attention to that horizontal dimension and learn to help others find the same freedom God grants us as we accept them and release them to learn and grow.