Tender Words from a Mentor, Part 2

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Few things are more encouraging than a letter from a mentor. The words of reassurance, the reminders of meaningful days gone by, and especially that personal touch, which cracks through our outer shell and resonates within our hearts, makes letters such as these permanent fixtures in our minds. We don’t forget them—we can’t! One day, while pressing on through several trials and personal struggles, Timothy was handed this letter, written by the man who meant more to him than any other man on earth. As he sat down and began to read it, he was surely gripped by a rush of emotions. His eyes were glued to the page. How he missed this man who had invested so many years of his life in him! What a deep and satisfying feeling to know that his spiritual father continued to care and to pray for him…and to read that he longed to be with him. By putting ourselves in Timothy’s place, the words of Paul take on new meaning. If you will allow your imagination to take you there, this letter will “come alive” afresh and anew. Let that happen today.