Russia charged with hundreds of civilian deaths in Syria (#808)

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1. A human rights watchdog on Wednesday accused Russia of using cluster munitions and unguided bombs on civilian areas in Syria in attacks that it says have killed hundreds of people in the past few months.

2. While investigating a hacking attack on a university, security researcher Brian Wallace stumbled onto a larger nightmare: Cyberattackers had opened a pathway into the networks running the United States power grid. Digital clues pointed to Iranian hackers.

3. The European Union on Monday extended sanctions against Russia for six months, achieving consensus among the bloc’s 28 member nations despite rising divisions over how long to press a major trading partner over its annexation of Crimea and its role in Ukraine’s separatist war.

4. In a region full of challenges and short on solutions, reported cooperation between Hamas and the Islamic State branch in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula—considered by many experts to be the terror group’s most potent offshoot—adds a new layer of threats to Middle East stability and especially to Israel.

5. Iraq sent battalions of reinforcements on Wednesday to secure neighborhoods in Ramadi recaptured from the Islamic State, as soldiers continued an offensive for a second day to try to take full control of the city.

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The prophetic passage of Scripture that we are looking at today is Isaiah 26 which reads in part: “In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah; We have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks…”

Our second coming quote for today is from S. Lewis Johnson. He said: “The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus ought to enlarge in our Christian thinking. The earliest Christians made a great deal after they learned the truth of the suffering, the cross and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus. And it seems to me that today we may be possibly erring a little by making a whole lot over the First Coming and sometimes de-emphasizing the reigning, the crown, the literality of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus.”

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