Of a Nation That Has Lost Its Light, Part 3 (The Lost Souls of Black Folk and White Folk, Part 9)

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TEXT: 1 Corinthians 10:1-12

As we continue looking at the ways in which the example of the Old Testament Israelites compares to the New Testament Church, take note of these words from Dr. John Walvoord and Dr. Roy Zuck regarding 1 Corinthians 10:6-8: “The Corinthians’ complacency in matters of self-discipline and their corresponding penchant for self-indulgence required immediate remedial action. Christian freedom was not meant to lead to self-indulgence but to selfless service, as the behavior of past Israelites illustrated. Paralleling the fivefold blessings enjoyed by Israel in their newfound freedom from Egypt, Paul proceeded to recount a fivefold failure experienced by Israel during this time. He began with the Israelites’ craving for the pleasures of Egypt, summarized in their plaintive cry, ‘Give us meat to eat!’ God gave them what they wanted but while the meat was still between their teeth, He struck them with a plague. The Israelites named the cemetery for those who were killed ‘Kib-roth Hat-taa-vah’ (graves of craving). The application to the Corinthian situation was obvious.