Never Gonna Leave You (FFTJ #14)

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Today’s Devotion is “Never Gonna Leave You”

Today’s Scripture Reading is from Hebrews 13:5: “For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Sometimes in life, we may feel as though we are all alone. We may find it difficult to talk to a parent or a teacher when we are faced with problems and circumstances that are beyond our control. We may feel as though we do not have the confidence to tackle roadblocks that lie in our path to reaching our God-given destiny. At such times, we may feel like giving up and quitting on ourselves. When we give up, we give up, not only on ourselves, but on our potential and on our God-given destiny. It is at such valley points in our lives that we must remember that Jesus Christ promised us in His Word that He ‘will never leave us nor forsake us.’

Twice after Jesus’ resurrection, He spent several days appearing and disappearing to His disciples and to others who knew Him. Once, when He was walking along the Emmaus Road talking to two of His disciples, He suddenly disappeared. At another time, He appeared to His disciples at the sea of Galilee while they were fishing and then He disappeared.


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