Jam the Hype with Chris Chicago

HYPE Radio exists to encourage listeners and give them an alternative to mainstream hip-hop and r&b. We have seen many come to Christ through the music played on HYPE Radio and want to continue using the vessel of music and radio to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. HYPE Radio also wants to provide radio stations with a bangin’ radio show that rivals anything heard on mainstream radio. Hype Radio is currently heard in over 125 FM markets across the globe.

Latest Episodes

  • Episode 032 – Shepherd
    Jeffrey "Shepherd" Garcia is a south Florida-based Christian hip-hop artist. Featured on Rapzilla, Jam The Hype and Trackstarz, Shepherd has collaborated with CHH artists such as Dre Murray …
  • Episode 031 – Corey Wise
    Meet Corey Wise, from Jacksonville FL – Rapper, Poet, Father & Aspiring Pastor Matthew 6:31-34 "Vision Album Otw ?" Twitter: @CoreyWise91
  • Episode 030 – Slick Frenzy
    A young creative from the Upstate of South Carolina, Slick Frenzy is becoming a force in hip hop. With penetrating lyrics that push against the norms and production that enthralls the listener, Slick …
  • Episode 029 – Calvin Cofield
    Meet, Calvin Cofield and hear his new song "Stay" “Stay” is a song that encourages people to stay with God no matter the circumstances! Many people are walking away from God and His Son Jesu …
  • Episode 028 – Elevated
    The reason we call ourselves Elevated is because our goal is to uplift and empower anyone that we can through sharing the Word of God and letting them know that we, as Christians, have the same strugg …
  • Episode 027 – Echo
    Up-and-coming rapper/artist from the Midwest.  Meet, Echo.
  • Episode 026 – Nasir Billups
    17 Years Old / Producer / Artist / Songwriter.  Meet, Nasir Billups.
  • Episode 025 – AC
    Believer. Artist. Engineer. Songwriter. Meet, AC.
  • Episode 024 – RAW
    RAW is not a “reboot” for rappers 007 and Gifted da Flamethrowa. This is not the Spider-Man movie franchise. Over 23 total projects have been released between the two emcees. They’ve shared stages wit …
  • Episode 023 – 3PFD
    3PFD is an American battle rapper from Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Episode 022 – Deborah Denise
    Meet, Deborah Denise!
  • Episode 021 – Jarard Kenneth
    Meet, singer, Jarard Kenneth!
  • Episode 020 – 3 Disciples
    Meet, Brandon, from 3 Disciples, straight out of Music City USA!
  • Episode 019 – Los Profetas
    Meet, Los Profetas! Incredible bi-lingual (Spanish-English) Hip-Hop duo!
  • Episode 018 – Andre Balboa
    Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh, it's Andre Balboa from The LBC!