How the Saints of God Should Pray, Part 3 (Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, Day 483)

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TEXT: Matthew 6:9-13

In his commentary on this passage, Alexander Maclaren wrote: “The words of Christ, like the works of God, are inexhaustible. Their depth is concealed beneath an apparent simplicity which the child and the savage can understand. This is especially true about the Lord’s Prayer. We teach it to our children, and its divine simplicity becomes their lisping tongues and little folded hands. But the more we ponder it, and try to make it the model of our prayers, the more wonderful its fullness of meaning appears, the more difficult it become to pray ‘after this manner.’ There is everything in it: the loftiest revelation of God in His relations to us and in His purposes with the world; the setting forth of all our relations to Him, to His purposes, and to one another; the grandest vision of the future for mankind; the care for the smallest wants of each day.”