Hedonic Adaptation, Sarah Wendell, and Psalm 28:7 (Everyday Thanks #475)

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Our thankful thought for today is this: In the world of positive psychology, hedonic treadmill or hedonic adaptation can work both for us and against us. Hedonic adaptation means that we often quickly return to a relative level of happiness despite the circumstances of our lives after we have been exposed to a certain stimulus; meaning we experience less of the emotion through which we were first stimulated. For example, if you give a child an ice cream cone every day of the year, the first few times he will be excited, but over time that child is going to begin taking it for granted. Another example is those who have disabilities often have a wonderful way with resilience and overcoming. At first negative feelings may ensue but over time, people with disabilities prove to be just like everyone else in terms of happiness and well-being. Hedonic adaptation can work for us by keeping us motivated and inspired toward our goals. But it can also work against by causing us to fail to see the positive in every situation and thus we start expressing ingratitude. We can overcome hedonic adaptation by being grateful no matter our situation, the length of time, or the people involved.

Our quote of thanks is from Sarah Wendell. She said, “Being in the habit of saying “Thank you,” of making sure that people receive attention so they know you value them, of not presuming that people will always be there–this is a good habit, regardless…make sure to give virtual and actual high-fives to those who rock and rock hard.”

Our Bible verse of thanks is Psalm 28:7. It reads, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.”


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