Grace to the Very End, Part 1

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Answer this: if you knew you had one more day to live, how would you spend it?
Here’s another: if you wrote a letter to someone during that time, what would you write?

It’s hard to think about those two questions—and even when we do, it is difficult for us to answer either one of them. Quite possibly we’d have feelings of resentment toward those who gave us grief in years gone by, causing us to struggle with bitterness during our final hours. Perhaps a host of discouraging memories would swarm us, prompting us to record those things we should have done, but we didn’t—or should not have done, and yet we did. That means we’d spend our closing hours on earth struggling with regret. There’s a far better option awaiting us—but we must determine long before our last days to move in that direction. And what option is that? In a word: GRACE. However, before we can expect to experiencing dying grace, we must learn the value of living grace from one day to the next. The apostle Paul is one who modeled such a life. Not surprisingly, he died such a death. Five simple words describe this man’s credo: grace to the very end.