Good Health, Craig Barnes, and Psalm 13:6 (Everyday Thanks #12)

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Today, I am thankful for good health.

Our quote of thanks is from Craig Barnes. He said, “Being thankful is not telling God you appreciate the fact that your life is not in shambles. If that is the basis of your gratitude, you are on slippery ground. Every day of your life you face the possibility that a blessing in your life may be taken away. But blessings are only signs of God’s love. The real blessing, of course, is the love itself…We are not ultimately grateful that we are still holding our blessings. We are grateful that we are held by God even when the blessings are slipping through our fingers.”

Our Bible verse of thanks is Psalm 13:6. It reads, “I will sing unto the Lord because He hath dealt bountifully with me.”


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