Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.

About Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers. A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes. Her candid communication style allows her to share openly and practically about her experiences so others can apply what she has learned to their lives.

Joyce has authored nearly 100 books, which have been translated into 100 languages. More than 12 million of her books have been distributed free of charge around the world, and each year millions of copies are sold.

Joyce conducts close to a dozen domestic and international conferences every year, teaching people to enjoy their everyday lives. For 30 years, her annual women’s conference has attracted well over 200,000 women from all over the world to St. Louis for specifically themed teachings by her and guest speakers.

Joyce hosts a TV and radio show, Enjoying Everyday Life®, which broadcasts worldwide to a potential audience of 4.5 billion people.

Latest Episodes

  • Simplify Your Life – Part 2
    Are you tired of being stressed out, not having time to enjoy your life? Learn how to create a more balanced life, free of worry and full of faith in God.
  • Simplify Your Life – Part 1
    God never intended for life to be stressful, but we sure can complicate things! Learn how to simplify your life as Joyce shares a message and answers viewers' questions.
  • The Power of Serving Others
    Loving and serving others is a great way to say "thank you" to God! Learn about the blessings it can bring, and how you can help people in China gain access to God's Word.
  • Receiving from God
    When faced with enormous challenges in life, God gives us the strength and determination to persevere. Learn how to be more than a conqueror in Christ.
  • How can I change my spouse? – Everyday Answers
    Joyce answers the question, How can I change my spouse?
  • Receiving Emotional Healing – Part 2
    God can heal every hurt in your heart! But you have to do your part. Joyce explains how you can work with God to receive emotional healing.
  • Receiving Emotional Healing – Part 1
    Jesus didn't die just so you can go to Heaven, He also died to heal you. Joyce explains how God can heal every emotional hurt in your life.
  • Impulsive Behavior – Part 2
    There are many areas in our lives in which it's easy to be impulsive. Learn how the Holy Spirit can help you live a stable and peace-filled life.
  • Impulsive Behavior – Part 1
    When someone hurts you, it's easy to react impulsively. Joyce explains how, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can remain peaceful.
  • Interrupting Satan's Plans
    Do you worry about your unsaved loved ones? Be encouraged to trust God for their salvation, and focus on how God is working in you and through you.
  • Why should I help others? – Everyday Answers
    Joyce answers the question, Why should I help others?
  • Who Is God? – Part 3
    What do you know about your Creator? Discover insights about who God is from the names used to describe Him in the Bible.
  • Who Is God? – Part 2
    Your ability to trust God hinges on what you know about His character. Today, learn about the redemptive names of God and who He wants to be in your life.
  • The Name of Jesus
    Do you want to experience more of God's power? Joyce shares how the name of Jesus can change your life.
  • Project GRL – Join the Movement
    Because every girl deserves the chance to blossom, we're sharing stories of redemption and restoration. Be inspired to join a ministry movement focused on women and girls.


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