The Spiritual Patriarch

Meaningful Manhood, Vol 1 Lots of men have children, but that doesn’t automatically qualify them as “fathers.” Monday on The Alternative, Tony Evans explains that there’s a job description … [Read more...]

Returning to Biblical Manhood

Meaningful Manhood, Vol 1 Men grow up in a series of “hoods”—babyhood, boyhood, manhood—but making it all the way to Biblical manhood takes a certain kind of growing. Discover what it looks like when … [Read more...]

Jacob: The Deciever God Used

Meaningful Manhood, Vol 1 There’s an old saying that goes, “cheaters never prosper.” But Thursday on The Alternative, Tony Evans will talk about one who did, once God took him through a process of … [Read more...]

Being Steadfast (Acts 6:8-15)

The young church at Jerusalem was growing. Thousands of Hebrew people had come to faith in the Messiah, but with that growth came increased persecution. Luke tells about one man that was steadfast in … [Read more...]

Portrait of a Real Man

Meaningful Manhood, Vol 1 It takes a lot more than a woman or a workout to make a man manlier. Wednesday on The Alternative, Tony Evans paints a biblical picture of true masculinity, and discusses why … [Read more...]