The Briefing 12-12-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Vast theological and moral chasm within Anglican Communion shows a church losing its center Schism? More a temporary separation, The Times of London (Michael Binyon) Conflict may … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-11-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Recognition of evangelical Ebola fighters example of truth and power of the gospel The Ebola fighters are Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’, The Washington Post (Jena … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-10-14

Podcast Transcript 1) CIA torture report fails to provide recommendations in response to brutalities Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty, Washington Post (Greg Miller, Adam … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-09-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Rise of young Western Islamists result of disillusionment with secular worldview ISIS fighter from Ottawa appears in video threatening Canada with attacks ‘where it hurts you the … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-08-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Democrats lose last Senate seat in South due to accelerating secular agenda Dems’ final insult: Landrieu crushed, Politico (James Hohmann) The Democrats’ Southern Problem … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-05-14

Podcast Transcript 1) New Minnesota state athletic policy portrays velocity of transgender revolution State high school league approves transgender policy, Minneapolis Star Tribune (Paul … [Read more...]

The Briefing 12-04-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Grand Jury decision in Eric Garner case reveals law insufficient to respond to a moral crisis In Eric Garner Chokehold Case, Grand Jury Is Said Not to Charge N.Y.P.D. Officer, … [Read more...]