The Briefing 05-01-17

Can a secular West recognize theologically motivated terrorism? Terror suspects arrested in LondonThe Telegraph (Robert Mendick, Martin Evans, and Ben Farmer) — Armed police swooped on terror … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-28-17

Abortion, the central sacrament of the secular left, is challenging the unity of the Democratic PartyNew York Times (Jonathan Martin) — At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-27-17

The prophets of secularization miscalculated: Religious people have more children than secular peopleJournal of Evolutionary Psychological Science (Lee Ellis, Anthony W. Hoskin, Edward Dutton, and … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-26-17

Two candidates, two worldviews, two futures: Why the French presidential election mattersWall Street Journal (William Horobin and Stacy Meichtry) — French Presidential Runoff Heralds New … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-25-17

Siege warfare and the Syrian civil war: Why the Christian understanding of Just War Theory mattersNew York Times (Russell Goldman) — Assad’s History of Chemical Attacks, and Other … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-24-17

How should evangelicals respond to Russia's ban of Jehovah's Witnesses as "extremist group"?New York Times (Andrew Higgins) — Russia Moves to Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses as ‘Extremist’New York Times … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-21-17

Money, morality, and the media: Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News amidst accusations of sexual harassmentWall Street Journal (Joe Flint) — Bill O’Reilly Won’t Return to Fox News, Company SaysNew … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-20-17

In oral arguments on church-state relations, SCOTUS Justices appear to side with Trinity LutheranWashington Post (Robert Barnes) — Justices express sympathy with Missouri church at Supreme Court … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-19-17

Scraped knees, the Blaine amendment, and separation of church and state today at the US Supreme CourtWashington Post (George F. Will) — When the separation of church and state leads to children … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-18-17

Glorifying abortion, Planned Parenthood to honor Hillary Clinton with "Champion of the Century" awardNational Review (Alexandra DeSanctis) — Why Hillary Clinton Deserves Planned Parenthood’s … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-17-17

The fragility of liberty: Turkey referendum centralizes autocratic rule of President ErdoganWall Street Journal (Margaret Coker, Ned Levin, and Yeliz Candemir) — Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-14-17

Washington Post (Juliet Eilperin) — Behind closed doors, Trump signs bill allowing states to strip federal family planning funds from abortion providersNew York Times (Declan Walsh) — … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-13-17

A high court in Sweden just ruled that a midwife must be willing to perform abortions to keep her jobWall Street Journal (Sohrab Ahmari) — Sweden Blacklists an Antiabortion MidwifeLife News … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-12-17

A tale of power, opportunity, & moral failure: Alabama Gov. resigns amid scandal and charges of felonyMontgomery Advertiser (Brian Lyman and Andrew J. Yawn) — Bentley resigns amid sex scandal; … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-11-17

"Evil" and modernity: Horrors like Syrian chemical attacks force secularists to ponder reality of evilNPR (Scott Simon) — A Meditation On 'Evil'New York Times (Justin McBrayer) — Why Our … [Read more...]

The Briefing 04-10-17

Is the Cold War back? Considering the aftermath of the US strike in SyriaWall Street Journal (Julian E. Barnes and Maria Abi-Habib) — Syrian Attack Defies 2013 Chemical-Weapons DealSuicide … [Read more...]