Monday, Mar. 19, 2018

As Putin wins record fourth term we’re reminded that not all elections are equalNew York Times (Neil MacFarquhar) — Putin Wins Russia Election, and Broad Mandate for Fourth TermThe unforgivable … [Read more...]

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018

How the cult of convenience fails to deliver on its own promisesNew York Times (Tim Wu) — The Tyranny of ConvenienceThe sterilization of play: What’s at stake as our playgrounds have become … [Read more...]

Thursday, Mar. 15, 2018

Stephen Hawking, one of the most recognized scientists of the modern age, dies at age 76New York Times (Dennis Overbye) — Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the CosmosThe failure of … [Read more...]

Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2018

Personnel changes in Trump administration signal the importance of worldviewThe Washington Post (Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, John Hudson and Carol D. Leonnig) — Trump ousts Tillerson, will … [Read more...]

Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2018

Why the loss of frozen embryos is a tragedy infinitely greater than many American's realizeABC News (Associate Press) — 2 fertility clinics respond to egg, embryo storage failuresThe Washington … [Read more...]

Monday, Mar. 12, 2018

Statecraft in the 21st century: What happens when a drama is played out on the world stageThe New York Times (Nicholas Kristof) — President Trump’s North Korea GambleHow a recent decision by the … [Read more...]

Friday, Mar. 9, 2018

New pressure on CEOs to become social activists presents a unique challenge for corporationsWall Street Journal (Vanessa Fuhrmans and Rachel Feintzeig) — CEOs Choose Sides on Gun Control at … [Read more...]

Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018

Why America’s double-mindedness is glaringly apparent at the intersection of Down syndrome and abortionWashington Post (Ariana Eunjung Cha) — Babies with Down syndrome are put on center stage in … [Read more...]

Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018

What we learn about the moral tenor of our times in the wake of Nashville mayor’s guilty plea and resignationTennessean (Joey Garrison, Nate Rau, and Anita Wadhwani) — Nashville Mayor Megan … [Read more...]

Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2018

Election results in Italy send clear moral signal at the expense of the European political establishmentWall Street Journal (Editors) — The Italian IndecisionWhy we better be careful about … [Read more...]

Monday, Mar. 5, 2018

And the Oscar goes to...virtue signaling and moral contradictionsLos Angeles Times (Lorraine Ali) — Why the Oscars won't be the same without their ringmaster, Harvey WeinsteinTime (Stephanie … [Read more...]

Friday, March 2, 2018

Is “perpetual peace” possible? How Vladimir Putin’s latest announcement further undermines the hope of the EnlightenmentNPR (Geoff Brumfiel) — Experts Aghast At Russian Claim Of Nuclear-Powered … [Read more...]

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How genetic testing presents parents with a moral decision never faced by previous generationsNew York Magazine (Jen Gann) — Every Parent Wants to Protect Their Child. I Never Got the … [Read more...]

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Are boys broken? How a basic change in the moral air of American society has led to the systemic devaluation of lifeWall Street Journal (Peggy Noonan) — The Parkland Massacre and the Air We … [Read more...]

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018

Ideological cleansing on campus: Harvard forces Christian ministry to choose between Christian convictions and continued ministry on campusHarvard Crimson (Caroline S. Engelmayer and Michael E. Xie) … [Read more...]

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018

How changes in America’s political landscape represent changes in America’s moral landscapeNPR (Scott Shafer) — California Democrats Decline To Endorse Another Term For Sen. Dianne FeinsteinLA … [Read more...]

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018

The interesting story that one church-state group doesn't want you to knowWashington Post (Michelle Boorstein) — For the first time, a woman and non-Christian will lead this group that thinks … [Read more...]

Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

The life and legacy of Billy GrahamNew York Times (Laurie Goodstein) — Billy Graham, 99, Dies; Pastor Filled Stadiums and Counseled PresidentsGraham as counselor to the presidents, evangelical … [Read more...]

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

A contest of worldviews as Russia seeks to exploit key weaknesses in American societyNew York Times (Amanda Taub and Max Fisher) — Russian Meddling Was a Drop in an Ocean of American-Made … [Read more...]

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018

Population problemFifty years later, predictions of mass famine and starvation remain unfoundedSmithsonian Magazine (Charles C. Mann) — The Book That Incited a Worldwide Fear of … [Read more...]