Practicing the Present

​Do you find yourself living more in the past and the future than right now? Do the regrets behind you hold you back? Do the hopes of tomorrow keep you waiting? On the next Building … [Read more...]

#233 – Living with Intentionality

As women, we try to make it all happen and give everything on our plate enough time and attention. Sometimes it feels like other women have it all together, and if we only knew how they did it or had … [Read more...]


Most couples enter marriage with high expectations of happiness. Jonathan and Wynter Pitts struggled with that reality through their years together—and then the unthinkable happened. On this … [Read more...]

#232 – Getting to Know You

Have you ever found yourself trying to be your most authentic self, only to find that you are over exhausted from tending to other people? When was the last time you took a minute to check-in with … [Read more...]

Smart Phones

​Your teenager wants a smart phone. Everybody has one. How do you respond? On the next Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, two guests help you navigate the questions and pitfalls … [Read more...]

#231 – Caring For Your Soul

I really want to live intentionally, but it’s such a STRUGGLE. Surely I’m not the only person who wants to live with purpose and focus, yet feels like some days I’m just “making it.” I want my life to … [Read more...]

Choose Greatness

​When Clarence was a teenager, Pastor Gary walked onto a basketball court and began a relationship with him. Now, decades later, Dr. Clarence Shuler and Dr. Gary Chapman are helping a new generation … [Read more...]

#230- Pressing Through Pain

What do you do when the unexpected pops up and changes your daily routine?  A lot of us may complain and give the unplanned the power to ruin the rest of our day, maybe even the rest of our week!  You … [Read more...]


​The Kendrick brothers have thrilled movie-going audiences for years—and this weekend their sixth feature film, Overcomer, is being released. On the next Building Relationships with … [Read more...]

#229- How to Grow Spiritually

As Christians, we all know that we need to commit to reading and understanding the Bible. But many of us find that, for whatever reason, we don’t read the Bible nearly as much as we’d like, let alone … [Read more...]