“Evangelism, Jesus Style – I”

What's the right way to share our faith with others? How can we be most effective in delivering that Good News? Pastor Greg Laurie answers that question. It's a practical lesson from his series, … [Read more...]

Overcoming People Strongholds

Overcoming Emotional Strongholds There’s an old song that says “people who need people” are lucky. But Tony Evans says that it’s possible to need them too much and become so intent on pleasing others … [Read more...]

#264 Pastors Show Your Tax Records

Is this out of line?  Joey’s a Pastor.  Isn’t there a verse about being above reproach? You’ll also hear about Toby’s upcoming hit Worship song, why PC police are out of line for trying to take the … [Read more...]

Delighting in Your Children, Part 3

We have spent quite a bit of time focusing on the demanding and difficult challenges of rearing children: acknowledging depravity, confronting defiance, addressing disobedience, and dealing with … [Read more...]