Biblical Character Development — Forgiveness, Part 5 (The Man In the Mirror #40)

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In keeping with our theme of dealing with the man (or woman) in the mirror, we are going to continue discussing the building of important biblical character traits in your life. Today, we will continue looking at the quality of forgiveness from “The Power for True Success” by the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

As we wrap up our discussion of forgiveness, it is time for a personal evaluation. How forgiving are you toward offenders? Ask yourself these questions:

• Is it your goal in life to gain the power of genuine love?
• Are there people whom you have not forgiven?
• Do you see offenses as tests in which to rejoice?
• Are you fearful that if you forgive an offender he will not learn from his mistakes?
• Do you believe it is your responsibility to make sure your offenders are punished?
• Do you fear that forgiving an offender will encourage him to offend again?
• Does the thought of certain offenders bring pain and hurt to you?
• Do you compare offenses against you to your greater offense to Christ?
• Have you looked for ways to return good to those who have done you evil?
• Do you picture offenders who are believers as related to you in the Body of Christ?